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Welcome to Pleasure Platters & Novelty Cakes.
Servicing Cape Town & surround, we specialise in catering for all types of functions,
big or small, as well as baking & decorating a wide variety of cakes for all occasions.
Our standard, popular platters & cakes are shown further below, and of course you may call

Aziza @  082 663 7606 to discuss personal requirements, or to design a set menu for your function.

To avoid disappointment, please place orders 1 week in advance.  
All foods Strictly Halaal
we do not cater / provide any pork products, nor liquor

Platters Gallery    Click image to enlarge  

We take great pride in offering you an exciting selection of party creations that
will delight and entertain your guests. Each platter serves 8 to 10 person
For descriptions and prices
Click here
Chicken Platter
Cold Meats Assortment
Seasonal Crudités
Chicken Wings Platter
Hot Snacks Platter
Sandwich Assortment
Seafoods Platter
Cold-meats Assortment
Vegetarian Platter
Hot Snack Platter
Fruit Kebabs
Fruit Kebabs
Plated Mixed Snacks
Vegetarian Platter
Chicken & Meatballs
Hot Snacks Assortment
Mini Burgers
Mixed Fruit Selection
Vegetarian Snacks
Vegetarian Platter
Mixed Platters
Vegetarian Snacks
Vegetarian Platter

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                                                    Function Catering   -  Click image to enlarge
Table Decorations
Table Decorations
Table Decorations
Table Decorations
Buffet Layout
Buffet Served
Buffet Served
Buffet Served
Chocolate Mousse
Alvin Collison Entertains ...

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           Party Platters  -  Description & Prices ...

Chicken Platter      R 290


Tender grilled chicken portions, garnished with cherry tomatoes & pineapple rings, with a tangy dip.

Hot Snack Platter    R 280


A medley of cocktail pies, sausage rolls, samoosas, spring rolls, and meatballs, with a sweet & sour dip.

Seafood Platter    R 290


A scrumptious mix of crumbed fish cakes, oven roasted crab sticks, deep fried prawn pockets, & crab cakes, with Sauce Tartare.

Cold Meat Combination  R 280


Succulent, sliced cold meats, with pickled onions, gherkins, & cherry tomatoes on a bed of crisped lettuce.

Vegetarian Delight    R 260


Feta & spinach quiche, mini pizzas, veggie pies,  veggie /cheese & onion samoosas,  sweet potato & butternut frittata.

Seasonal Crudités    R 220


Freshly cut vegetables,
lightly steamed, served with  Sweet & Sour Sauce.

Fruit Kebabs     R 210 / R 280


Fresh fruit, skewered & dipped in a fruity cocktail, complimented with a drizzle of honey.

Fish Platter     R 290


Deep fried crumbed hake portions, smoked snoek, served with cocktail rolls and mayonnaise dip.

Sandwich Selection      R 260

Sandwich quarters with a variety of fillings such as ; cream cheese & smoked salmon, chicken & mayo, tuna mayo, & pressed beef, served on white & brown bread.

 Chicken Wings    R240
Succulent grilled chicken wings, choice of peri-peri or barbeque, served with a tantalizing dip.

Selection of Desserts
Huge range of delicious desserts available. Please call to enquire according to your preference ...

Sausage Sizzler    R 240
A tongue-twisting selection of grilled sausage bites served with apricot chutney and garnished with fresh rosemary.

         Hot Meals
         Pricing based upon quantities / servings required.

  • Braised Steak, Vegetables, Yellow Rice; 

  • Beef Stroganoff,  Mashed Potato, Salad

  • Roast beef & gravy, Roast Potatoes, Vegetables        

  • Chicken or Meat Stir-fry, served with Noodles

  • Briyani   -   meat, chicken, vegetables

  • Lasagne -   mince, chicken, vegetable

  • Quiche   -  various fillings

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Orders  &  Quotations ; 

Aziza  Da  Costa         082 663 7606    /    021 592 5468

Pleasure Platters & Novelty Cakes                     183 De Villiers Street, Goodwood, 7460

   Tel :   021  592 5468             Fax:   086 266 6178               E-mail: 

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